Mobile Command Center



The Traipsathon Mobile Command Center, also known as The Traipsemobile, is a converted 2006 Mercedes Sprinter van. A former Florida news van, it has been customized to include a shower and toilet, a convection microwave oven, refrigerator, satellite television and self-contained electrical and plumbing systems. It has two single beds, lots of closet and storage space and a Tupperware container full of cigars. In spite of all this, it gets 22 miles per gallon. Also, in the unlikely event that you are thinking about breaking in or stealing it, it has a fully-armed security system and may be highly radioactive. Approach at your own risk.

  • you know, the place just screams out for a signed wink martindale photo on the wall.

  • Livin’ the dream…

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  • Ted Bennett

    Hi Joe. I was intrigued by yer rig parked in front of Russ & Liana’s place yesterday. Looks like a good way to live for a temporary vagabond. I was curious to see the interior, and now I know thanks to the interweb. Do you know Russ from Texas? Been to El Paso, and now I know why he’s living in Portland.
    Regards from Ted in Portland.

    • earlkabong

      Texas Russ? Are you kidding? Of course! (not really)
      And, yeah, if choosing between El Paso and Portland, I’d definitely pick Portland, which is not to say that El Paso doesn’t have its charms. You should check out Austin, though. It’ll seem very familiar to a Portlandian.